How to use my VIBRATING PLATE in the gym ...🤔✨

..I can think of a couple other positions that would 
work really well on this plate.🤤

Surf Check: cold!😖

Private English Lessons😀ABCs and 123s

jasmin's Pork Sweet Potato Curry

Water, Olive oil, garlic, onions, black pepper to simmer the pork on low heat.
Like this!
Eat Smart.
#eatsmart #cookingideas


My stimulation TOYS🤤

Exercise Band = Inner core muscle : Arms and Back
7K reps = Arms
10K reps = Shoulders and Back
3K Medicine Ball = Arms and Abdominals
I don't lift heavy to avoid masculine hulk bulk.
Instead, steadily increase my repetitions.

"Spring Geisha" : working

Step 1:
Commit to Ink
 ... the most nerve racking part of my design process. 

Speedy Recovery to our Kamogawa waterman : Dave Yamaya

Dave just underwent BACK SURGERY and is in rehabilitation after injury while shooting from the water.
"Speedy recover Bradah Dave. Let's CHEERS again soon!"


I ❤️ living in Japan 🇯🇵

NO EXCUSES: A special shout out to Nigeria 🇳🇬

My friend Ojo, cruising with his family and training hard everyday.
You absolutely do NOT need a trainer and a gym to be fit. 
You only need CONSISTENCY...
and that doesnt require currency in any country. 💰
✨Insta: shalomwonders

Walkin the WALK.


Question of the Day:

Im at 711. I put my salmon rice ball and milk on the counter at the register in front of the microwave. And asked the cashier:

✨Me: "Can you heat that up for me please?"

✨Cashier: "The rice ball?"

(in my head 🤔💭:
"....um no, not the riceball.. the milk. Heat that milk up. I wanna drink that sumbitch HOT like coffee..")

✨Me: "Yes please. The rice ball."

I hear that question almost EVERY time I ask the cashier to heat my rice ball.
I asked my Japanese friend:
 "Why do they always ask such an stupid question?"
My friend explained:
"Fish in rice balls is often raw. If its heated, it will attract bacteria quickly and becomes hazardous to health. We dont have a custom of eating warm rice balls. So to them:
You asked the stupid question."

OK, that makes sense🤨 ...Another perfect example of the importance of cultural understanding.🤔

jasmin's Mushroom and Onion Winter Beef Stew

Can serve with rice, potatoes and or bread too.
Cabbage is very low calory and filling.
Good if you are watching your calory intake.


BACKDOOR SHOOTOUT: Awesome, Keito!! (Matsuoka)🇯🇵3rd ✨😀日本❤️

❤️Mar, Big Dave, ✨Keito✨, Eddie, Wakita and Shinpei❤️

45k Straight legged DEADLIFTS (4sets of 10)

....  need new gloves and wrist straps. 
Have to buy on line, Japan is pretty clueless when it comes to fitness goods.🤔.. fitness in general.😩

BACKDOOR SHOOTOUT 2018: Congratulations O’Brien🏆

Living in Japan

I would never buy this fish but what happened was...Gomer Pile forgot to remove the poisonous organs from the deadly Fugu Fish delecacy before selling to customers at the local market. There was an alarm issued through town alerting people not to eat the fish.
2 of the poisonous puffers have been returned, 2 are still at large.

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