“Sakura Dance” ...step by step

What are the Rules of the Chopsticks?

1. Never pass food from your chopsticks to someone else's chopsticks. It's a ritual performed at funerals for morners to line in pairs at the crematorium, after the cremation. Both are handed large chopsticks, one individual picks up a piece of bone of the dead, passes it to their partner in line via they're chopsticks and that individual with their chopsticks places the bone into the ern of the deceased. This no no, is the absolute WORST thing you can ever do at the dinner table in Japan.

2. Don't leave your chopsticks standing in your rice. Another ritual performed at funerals to offer food to the dead.

3. When you aren't using your chopsticks, lay them down together, right to left, in front of you with the small tips pointing left on your chopsticks holder. It is not good manners to lay your chopsticks on your bowl or worse on your glass, or to cross the tips of your chopticks.

4. Do not spear or stab at your food with your chopsticks to pick it up.

5. Although very popular among foreigners, try not to point at someone with your chopsticks during conversation.

6. Do not move plates or bowls around or pull bowls closer to you with your chopsticks whilst eating.

7. If you have already used your chopsticks to eat with, use the opposite end of your chopsticks to pick up more food from a shared plate and move it to your own plate.

8. Don't lick your chopsticks.

9. Don't poke pr pinch other patrons at your dinner party with your chopsticks.

10. Do not talk whilst waving your chopsticks in the air, fling your chopsticks around, clink them on your beer glass to get someone's attention, use your chopsticks as tooth picks, or bang them against your plate like drum sticks.


Living in Japan

Because men have a bad habbit of fondeling young chics on trains. There are even sites on line that fondelers gather on to celebrate up coming events like “college entrance exam day” where the chance to fondel is high but the chance of getting caught is low. 




Simmer in Olive Oil.
Cook Smart.


TOKYO, Baby😛The real city that never sleeps.

My new time machines🖤

What do you see?

  If you answered:
"Two new masks from Maldives
to add to jasmin's Tribal collection."
You are getting very good at this game!!

Surf Check : Outfront


東京カメラ部2018写真展 in Hikarie: TOKYO

Super Simple and Delicious : jasmin's Pineapple Ginger Pork

Olive Oil, Mirin, Ginger, Pineapple, Shoyu
Add sweet Red Bell Peppers
I love Okra.
Eat Smart.


What’s happening with those crippled nuclear reactors in FUKUSHIMA🤢

We have not even begun to develop the advanced technology to begin to contain the reactors to stop the tons and tons of radiation run off water (Olympic sized swimming pools) spewing into the Pacific Ocean everyday for the last 7 years. 🤫
I may need to invest in one of these bad boys one day.🤔


CORE MUSCLE strength: floor work

..increases muscle power, flexibility, endurance and reduces soreness or chance of injury

Clark Little

Let's play a game... "What do you see?"


If you answered:
"A few really nice little places to have lunch."
You Win!!


Free Weights Corner (my preference)

jasmin's Mini Christmas dinner in Spring.

I went to a  new market near my new gym and found WHOLE CHICKENS!!! 
I know... it's the little things that excite us foreigners in Japan.

baste in olive oil and seasonings
Once the lonely little bird is almost baked completely,
I chuck in some pineapples, sweet potato and broccoli.
Like this!
Cook Smart. 

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