Puttin' the time IN! = やていますよ!

ENGLISH Kids💕: ABCs and I23s: “Can we go to the pool?”😆💦

Living in Japan: A PINEAPPLE CUTTER! Such an ingenius idea!!

OK... Let's see how this thing works...
... twist
WOW!!  So easy.
Living in Japan... I learn something new everyday.
#titusunlimited #nowyouknowtoo


いすみMatsuri town festival

Core muscle, Stretch, Meditation

Naomi Osaka : A truely honorable Champion さすが 日本!

20-year old Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka made history when she defeated American Serena Williams to win the U.S. Open women's tennis championship.

Well... that's one way to start controlling the insane OBESITY epidemic in America

I want one!!

My town MATSURI poster. Good job, Everyone!!

I see Bradah  Atsushi.

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