Lunch in the City

IYC = International Yoga Center, TOKYO

Nearest Station: Omotesando Station
(Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line) 7 minutes on foot from Exit B2


Never skip LEGS🤙🏽

Living in Japan: Vibrators for women with tea ceremony motif

Pleasure goods company Tenga on Tuesday revealed that it will later this month release a series of vibrators for women called Iroha Zen, whose curved ridges and colors were inspired by the chasen, (bamboo tea whisk used to whip up powdered matcha green tea).


In my Office

I'm working on my "Private Tea Party" design. Do you like her?

"Life is not a competition.
There are no winners and there are no loosers.
Go at a pace that suits you.
Just don't stop." ~jasmin

Beautiful Japan

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