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Sunrise Barbara in 一宮, Chibafornia.

Fake monks targeting foreign visitors to Japan

Buddhist priests and monks are a common sight in Japan, whether they be meditating, conducting religious ceremonies but recently posters have been popping up around Harajuku station in Tokyo warning tourists not to give money to a scam-artist masquerading as a monk, a man who ‘allwas swindles [sic]’ . While the non-native English may give us a chuckle, somebody out there has taken the time to warn visitors of the non-‘temples man’ swindling passers-by. [read more]
"Note to foreigners visiting Japan. It is not customary for a Japanese person to stand outside and ask foreigners for money, especially at a temple."


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Origami Vending Machine, how cute!
Vending machine informationOkano Shoten / 岡野商店Address: Ehime-ken, Kita-gun, Uchiko-cho, Hiraoka-Ko 1555-3愛媛県喜多郡内子町平岡甲1555−3


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Beautiful Cherry Trees!

Universal Studios in Osaka unveils world's biggest Minion Village

Universal Studios Japan on Wednesday unveiled the world's largest amusement area featuring the popular animated movie characters the Minions ahead of the area's official opening on Friday.
The Minion Park, the Osaka amusement park's newest movie-themed area built on about 8,400 square meters of land at a cost of some 10 billion yen ($92 million), features a street show and a ride dubbed "Despicable Me Minion Mayhem" as well as the requisite merchandise store and food area.
The park is "filled with fascination and is the only place where one can enjoy the world of the Minions". [read more]

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