iPhone 7, huge oversight.

The charger jack and the ear phones jack are the same farkin jack. I can't listen to head phones and charge the battery at the same time. WHY in gawds name would they do that.

Look at my frickin battery. It's always in the RED. Can never get it fully charged, cause I constantly listen to music on my head phones. Especially at work because school offices are so noisy, cramped and cluttered. It's not considered rude, I've learned for two people to stand on either side of you and talk through you, as though are aren't there. So annoying,to say the very least. I was was in America, I'd say "do you mind" in a heartbeat, but can't get ghetto in Japan.
 I totally can not get focused unless I can escape the racket. Need to drown it all out to keep whats left of my frekin sanity. Then I go straight to the gym from work for 3 hours. I am absolutley hopeless at keeping any battery on this iPhone 7. I want my 6 back! So I was forced to buy wireless head phones. If you're like me and love your headphones, when you up grade to iPhone 7, gonna have to upgrade your head phones too.
... there's always something.

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