What is jasmin's "Miraculous Anti-Aging Wonder Drug".

息が臭くなる 皮がむきにくい なんていう理由でニンニクを食べない人がいます。
新鮮なニンニクの効能 免疫力強化、病気を防ぐ、体内バクテリア除去、新陳代謝アップ、性欲増強、血液、血管、内臓をきれいにする、心臓を守る、アレルギー予防、気分を上げてくれる、コレステロールを下げる、脂肪を燃やす、シワとたるみから肌を守る、筋肉潤滑剤、目に良い、セルライト除去、発作、癌予防。



A lot of people don’t eat fresh garlic for 2 reasons:
1. “it gives you bad breath”
2. “it’s hard to peel (preparation is time consuming)”

Firstly, fresh garlic does NOT give you bad breath on the contrary, it prevents bad breath. Garlic salts and other man made sprinkles crap in a jar will give you bad breath.
Secondly, if you break the fresh garlic apart and use your chef knife to apply pressure to each clove, they break and can easily be removed from their skins, quickly.
Do you have any idea of the incredible health benefits of fresh garlic?
Fresh garlic strengthens immunity, prevents disease, kills bacteria in the body, speeds metabolism, maximizes sex drive, cleans blood, veins and organs, combats diabetes, stimulates metabolism, protects the heart, prevents allergies, escalates mood, lowers cholesterol, burns fat, keeps skin wrinkle free and elastic, lubricates muscle, aids in vision, debunks weight gain, flushes cellulite and helps prevents stoke and all cancers.

Garlic is my “miraculous, healthy, tight, and youthful” wonder drug.
One clove a day, will keep the “AGE VAMPIRES” away.

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