Living in Japan: My Bullshit Number Card

This inane card is like a social security card, but it expires every couple years, and no notice comes via post to remind you of the deadline. It is supposed to process in one month. My Japan bank of 20 years, froze my bank deposit funds from Hawaii, until I produce this new piece of shit card (despite having plenty other forms of ID) I came back to the town office a month later:
Me"Here to pick up my new number card."
Official (20 minutes later) : 
"Sorry, we can't find it. Can you make another one, please".🤔
[Me: (in my head) "Go fuck yourself"]🤐
Me: "um, no. I turned in all the paper work for a new card. You've lost it. You find it. And call my dam bank to release my bloody funds, while you're at it."😠
Official: "um...Certainly".😯
Another month later... it's finally ready. 2 fuckin months! 
They apologized for loosing it and then asked me to produce another form of ID to pick it up. Holy shit.😩

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