Top 10 Japanese Superstitions

1)   Throw salt over your sholder before entering your home after attending a funeral so not to attract spirits of the dead.
(2)   Never leave your chopsticks alone standing in your rice, its a custom to offer rice to the deceased.
(3)  Don't sleep with yout head facing NORTH as its the direction the deceased are placed at a funeral, or you may die.
(4)  Don't write a person's name in red ink, or they may die.
(5)   Don't cut your fingernails at night, or your parents may die.
(6)  Cover the mirrors at night in the room you sleep to avoid attracting ghosts, and dont whistle at night.
(7)  Seeing a spider in the morning is lucky, if you dont kill it.
(8)  Hide your bellybutton during a storm, to avoid stomach aches.
(8)  Hide your thumbs when you see a hearse, as the thumb is the finger that represents the parents.
(9)  The number 4 is pronounced SHI, the same pronunciation for the word DEATH. Its very unlucky and is skipped in hotels and hospitals.
(10)  The lucky cat at a business brings fortune and a slither of white snake skin in your wallet brings wealth and prosperity.

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