What to do with a useful yet very boring surf coffee travel cup...

I have an idea!!
 Mentawai surf trip.
What a very cool cup!!  
I hope he likes it.💙

New Website COMPLETE!



Mushroom and Ginger Tofu with Broccoli

 Eat Smart, feed your immunity, avoid illness.



Introducing: OHANA Surf

My new room divider for OHANA Surf room... lets go inside.
What a cool room!


First try: Japanese NABE... super healthy!


Super YUMMY!!  Let's eat.



I finished my new rack room... I hope he like's it!


caps  racks, wet suits rack and and towels rack

Board Rack.... super heavy and strong!


My Rack Room Design for Hidenori

 Sold my faorite toy: my cute little ECO Battery Car. He lived in my sun room for almost 15 years and remained in excellent condition. The battery for the car is no longer available. Decided to sell it while he still had monetary value. I teared up saying my farewells.  As a result, my sun room has some valuable free space. 

I have a great idea for those counters and that free space...
First I'll need a room divider, something like this will work...


Winter Korean Kimchi Chicken Nabe

Base: Sweet chili, shoe, mirin, sesame oil, Korean chili sauce
Slow cook chicken, onions, grated ginger, mushrooms and kimchi add soft veggies last for a few minutes.

 Avoid joint pain. Avoid stiff muscles. Avoid depressed mood. Avoid weight gain. Avoid inability to sleep. Avoid constipation. Avoid stiffled libido. Avoid skin problems. Avoid cellulite. Avoid stagnated energy. Avoid colds. Avoid flu. Avoid disease. Avoid pharmaceuticel poisons. Avoid death jabs.
Just Eat Smart.


Are there fun waves in Japan?

    rider: Hidenori

Yes!  ...but it's a secret...


Homemade Immunity Keep Chicken Soup

Base Soup slow simmer with chicken.

Add asparagus first, lastly broccoli, bean sprouts and cabbage for 2-3 minutes .

Avoid pharmasudical poisons.


ABCs and 123s : Halloween lessons

Due to the raging new waves of the deadly virus (admitted by the "health administration" as just a cold) the children have been "prohibited" by the government, from gathering for Halloween anymore. No more parties for children in Japan. The neighbors left a chair outside at the end of their driveway with a box of candy on it. The children walked from house to house, in their face diapers  and collected one piece of candy from each box...  
The establishment is intentionally removing all their contact with humans... mentally and psychologically preparing this new precious generation of helpless children for an isolated life in the visual headset virtual reality METAVERSE.
But it is only blantenly obvious with those that have eyes to see.


Do you have Halloween in Japan? ... we use to. Now, Shibuya is very different than it was 3 years ago.

 The government is doing their best to erase all enjoyment from the collective in Japan from now on as they continue this insane narrative of the "new waves" of the fake virus.
The dungeon programming mind control in 99.99% of 
Japanese people has been profected.
Unfortunate to say the very least.

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