After a rediculous 3 year unnecessary scamdemic hiatus, Matsuri season is back on.

 What isa "matsuri?"  FESTIVAL FOR THE GODS
In each small town in Japan we have shrines jinja that hold gods of the city. This several thousand kilogram float kami is in the form of a large innately hand carved box made of wood and god metals, represents the good will and fortune for the people and business in the town. So every year at the beginnning and end of summer, to celebrate the shrines deity, many of the residents of each town, mostly males perform a procession, carrying the kami on their shoulders through the streets of the town mikoshi from sunrise to sunset to insure peace and prosperity for the coming year.

I participated in my town’s matsuri, a few times. Western religions are conditioned to believe one should not pray to objects and many foreigners might not find it appropriate to participate in a matsuri. I am not endoctrinated by religion. 
There is something much more to this festival than "a religious event". It is a festival latent with a profound sense of comradely and team work. The act of sharing the burden of carrying that heavy kami through the town in the hot sun all day made me feel closer to the individuals who were sharing that weight with me. Comradely is the lining that fabricates the Japanese society. People work together and share burden. The matsuri festival was not only a time of worship and celebration, it is also a time for the town’s people work hard together to replenish bonds through team work, build friendships and strengthen the town’s comradely.

日本のそれぞれの町には、神様が祭られている神社があります。1000kgもあろうかと思われる手製の木と金属で出来ている箱(神輿)に神様を乗せ、それぞれの分隊ごとにそれを担ぎ、町の繁栄や人々の幸運を願います。毎年夏の終わりに行われる重要なお祭りは、それぞれの町からたくさんの男性が、来年の地域の幸運と繁栄を願って、朝から晩まで肩で神輿を担ぎます。 私は私の町の祭りに参加しています。西洋の文化では、信仰をする心があっても、何かの形のあるものに祈りをささげると言うことはなく、外国人たちは、信仰心を持たなくても祭りに参加しています。しかし、この祭りには、ただみんなで盛り上がるだけでなく、何かがあるのです。この祭りは、深い人間関係によって成り立ちます。暑い夏の日に、重い神輿、神様を共に担ぐと言うことは、困難なことを皆で分かち合いながらやりとげるという事を教えてくれます チームワーク”です。これは日本の社会において重要なポイントです。人々は、共に働き、困難を分かち合うのです。祭りは、神を崇拝したり、祝ったりするだけでなく、友情を育んだり、町の連携を強くする、そういう意義も担っているのです。

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