Christmas in Tokyo

Christmas Day is December 25th

Unlike Japan, it is not customary in Western culture to eat Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve (December 24th)
I add fresh herbs, garlic and an onion to the inside of my bird,
to season him OVER NIGHT.
 Tomorrow I will cook this tiny chicken tomorrow. I wish I had stuffing.. or at least access to bread crumbs. Rope the limbs together with sewing thread to hold lil' man's shape.
Cover and refrigerate until Christmas Day to season the meat from the inside.

Taito Check

5 Santas paddling out.

My flexibility has improved! WOW.

I use to have to use my left hand or elbow to push my left knee into a position as exactly straight as my right knee. My inner groin muscle was a little tighter on one side. 
What a nice Christmas present!

Tis the farkin' season...

...for ridiculously over-priced, lonely, dried up, crusted out, chicken wings, apparently. That is equivalent to $6.90 if the yen and dollar were of equal value. Dam I miss reasonably priced, juicy TURKEY.

Only in Japan? Hammock Cafe: Akihabara

Wave Check : stormy


What do you see?

If you answered:
"Umm... a Japanese Christmas Turkey??"
you see exactly what I see...


Empty Office

Party time!

DRONE LAWS. Finally!

Need regulations. 
Those farkin things are annoying, invasive and dangerous.



Beautiful Handmade Christmas Cards from me Mum!

Thank you very much for the lovely cards, Veronica.

jasmin's Prawns and Vegetable pasta

Eat Smart.



Strange Sandwiches in Japan

Various breads are sold in Japan. Of all others, some prepared breads like sandwiches (daily dishes and breads) seem not popular among foreigners. Which sandwich do you think is absurd?

 1. Spaghetti sandwiches
2. Yakisoba sandwiches
3. Curry buns
4. Potato salad sandwiches

1. スパゲッティーパン
2. 焼きそばパン
3. カレーパン
4. ポテトサラダパン

Beautiful Japan

Out Front : Wave check

Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo


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