Do you the "rules" of the chopsticks...

Sushi is finger food... and like with potatoe skins or chicken wings, 
Sushi is actually supposed to be eaten with your fingers. 
other notes:
1. Never pass food from your chopsticks to someone else's chopsticks. It's a ritual performed at funerals for morners to line in pairs at the crematorium, after the cremation. Both are handed large chopsticks, one individual picks up a piece of bone of the dead, passes it to their partner in line via they're chopsticks and that individual with their chopsticks places the bone into the ern of the deceased. This no no, is the absolute WORST thing you can ever do at the dinner table in Japan.
2. Never leave your chopsticks standing in your rice. Another ritual performed at funerals to offer food to the dead.
3. When you aren't using your chopsticks, lay them down together, right to left, in front of you with the small tips pointing left on your chopsticks holder. It is not really good manners to cross your chopsticks, lay your chopstick on your plate or worse on your glass, although quite common by many Japanese at BBQ parties.
4. Do not spear or stab at your food with your chopsticks to eat it.
5. Although very popular among foreigners, try not to point at someone with your chopsticks during conversation.
6. Do not move plates or bowls around or pull bowls closer to you with your chopsticks whilst eating. 7. If you have already used your chopsticks to eat with, use the opposite end of your chopsticks to pick up more food from a shared plate and move it to your own plate.
8. Don't lick your chopsticks.
Do not talk whilst waving your chopsticks around in the air during conversation. 
10. Finallt, avoid clinking your chopsticks on your glass to get someone's attention, use your chopsticks as tooth picks, or bang them against your plate like drum sticks.
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