House Warming Present for my lovely Japanese Mama and Papa

 House Warming Present - HITKOSHI OMEDITOU present

My Japanese mom and dad have just retired. They live in Saitama, too far away to live alone as seniors, in my opinion. I've invited them to sell their place and move here into the house next door. They happily accepted! This house is super cute now, recently reformed, painted and perfect for them as there are no stairs. 

I wanted family next door (mine or Hidenori's) for selfish reasons as I dreaded a noisy family of strangers moving in instead. Loud neighbors is the absolute worst nightmare for me. As a designer, I value my very peaceful mountian top with only sounds of ocean and beautiful nature outside.

This is a very large, heavy cool design table left behind inside the little cottage I just bought. Its legs and top are not connected, obviously for the purpose of moving it into and out of the doorways. 
I'll need to connect everything first.

Nice and sturdy now... need some spice.

Better... but somethings missing...
Much Better!!
They are moving here today. Coming from living their entire lives in a cramped city with no garden and no view, I'd image they'll appreciate a nice homemade picnic table set to enjoy their garden in. I put my heart into making it, I hope they love it too!!

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