OHANA Cottage : Living room reform

This living room wall paper is uninviting.
This is MOGO plaster. Its applied with a spatula to create an uneven surface. The sale's pitch was that it's supposed to cover 4 walls of a room. But this batch must have been left on the store shelf way too long as it was much thicker than it should've been and took all the strength I could muster just to dig it out of the fucking bucket! 
What an absolute fucking challenge. 4 hours for only 2 walls. The bucket is empty.. thank geezus!  These will be beautiful accent walls. The remain walls of these two rooms will get regular white paint tomorrow. I got no more mojo for that hell plaster Mogo.
Not bad for a first attempt! My tireless efforts paid off. 
What a lovely texture. I'm very pleased with the results.

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