Japanese Infectious Disease Association announces "COVID is just a cold"

Virtual signalling: 4 bold face liars, unable to make eye contact, touting pointless masks,  announcing the current bullshit unicorn 7th wave of the scamdemic is "just a cold".  
Fucking Cowards!

Eri Nishikami post:

冷静に、客観的に見て今の日本の状況はお笑いどころの騒ぎじゃないよ。ほんとに。笑。このくそ暑い中みんな必死にマスクして第七波て😂冷静に考えて。お願いだから😆PCR受けるバイトがあったり、PCR受けたらお小遣いもらえたりとか。いやおもしろすぎる笑。しかし死ぬ人が異様に多いよね。Why? Calmly and objectively, the current situation in Japan is nothing short of a joke. really. In this damn hot weather, everyone is desperately wearing a mask and the 7th wave 😂 think calmly. I'm begging you 😆 if you have a part-time job to receive a pcr, or if you get a pcr, you can get your pocket money. No, it's too funny. But so many people die. Why?

Jasmin Rachal Young comment:
A "cold" is the body's natural detox process. We dont "catch it", the body creates it. Covid is a HOAX. A lie created by the pharmasudical cartel, promoted by the pharmasudical controlled government and media, to make massive global profits and decrease the population whilst masking the harmful health effects being created from masking the entire planet in a newer stronger layer of 5g radiation. 
Only the sheeple getting death jabs are suddenly dying. And NO, I have NEVER worn a 
mask, not once and never had a death jab not once. And its a fucking miracle ...I am still healthy and alive!

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