1.  Japan's literacy rate is almost 100%. 
2. During morning rush hour the trains are so crowded railway staff are employed to physically cram passengers inside so that the doors can close. 
3. Many couples in Japan celebrate Christmas like Valentine's Day day (a couple's day). And New Years, like Christmas. (a family week) 
4. Tokyo city boasts half the population of the entire continent of Australia. 
5. Slurrping noodles loudly is customary and not considered rude. 
6. Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan, is actually an active volcano. 
7. Religion does not play a big role in the lives of most Japanese people. 
8. A nice musk melon, similar to a cantaloupe, may sell for over $300US. 
 9.Sumo is Japan's national sport, high school baseball is also very very popular. 
 10. Cow tongue and horse liver are popular delecacies in Japan. 

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